To apply for funding and support from UMIP for Social Enterprise activities the following criteria apply:

Awardees must be:

  • an academic, a staff member, a research student or a recent graduate* from The University of Manchester
  • living in the UK for the duration of the project
  • an individual or part of a team**
  • existing organisations, groups or those with a constitution applying for an award must not have been trading for more than 2 years

* graduated within 2 years
**at least 50% of a team must be connected to The University of Manchester

Projects must:

  • benefit the public or a community in the UK
  • need a Social Ignition Award to ensure their success
  • offer a learning opportunity for the applicant(s)
  • be a new initiative – not a continuation of ongoing operations 
  • not be part of the applicant’s paid employment
  • be an entrepreneurial solution to a social problem
  • instigate social impact or social change
  • not be for activities outside the law, against public policy or anything that fosters ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony

Allowable Expenses:

  • Registration Fees
  • Company formation
  • Advertising & publicity
  • Materials
  • Printing
  • IT equipment
  • UK Travel & subsistence
  • Mentoring & Support
  • Insurance
  • Relevant equipment
  • Equipment hire
  • Venue hire
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Some capital costs and overheads, i.e. rent, utilities

Non-allowable Expenses:

  • Formal academic qualifications, tuition fees and bursaries
  • Development of academic courses or curriculum
  • Funding of places on programmes, e.g. Raleigh International or Common Purpose
  • Training – unless it is in support of the project (this is at the funder’s discretion)
  • Top-up funding for an existing project
  • Payment for loss of earnings, professional fees or other costs leading to personal financial gain
  • Payments to contractors or third parties